City of Sydney statement on ranger abuse

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Lord Mayor Clover Moore has strongly condemned a video circulating on social media that shows a City ranger being intimidated and verbally abused while doing his job.

The ranger was patrolling Lime St, Sydney, yesterday when a member of the public approached the ranger and yelled abuse at him while filming the exchange.

The Lord Mayor strongly condemned the incident.

“City rangers are deployed on our streets to ensure community safety and a regular turnover of parked vehicles,” the Lord Mayor said.

“Our rangers often use their discretion to warn people they should move their vehicle, rather than simply giving them an infringement notice. This ranger had done just that and advised a motorist that it was time to move their vehicle.

“The man who yelled at the ranger did so without any provocation. I wish I could say this was an isolated incident but City rangers have been subjected to increased abuse over recent months.

“I understand that tensions are high with Sydney facing unprecedented and uncertain times but that does not give anyone the excuse to lose their sense of human decency.

“If we are going to get through this crisis, we have to stay united and cohesive as a society, rather than taking out our frustrations on people who are there to provide a service, maintain order and ensure our city functions.”

The Lord Mayor said that City rangers would be patrolling in pairs from now on and focussed on key areas where community safety and vehicle turnover requires the most attention.

“City rangers provide an essential role in the safety of our city and ensure equitable access to parking for business and residents,” the Lord Mayor said.

“Over the coming months, rangers will focus on key areas near medical centres, hospitals and schools, and respond to complaints from residents and businesses.

“City rangers will also monitor parking trends in the city and we’ll analyse how to best respond as the situation develops.

“City rangers must maintain a presence on our streets to provide a security and safety to the many residents, workers and visitors in our city every day. I ask that people treat our rangers and essential workers with the respect they deserve during these difficult times.”

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