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From old car batteries to paints, solvents and pesticides, Sydneysiders are encouraged to raid their garden sheds and cupboards for unwanted chemicals they can safely discard at the City of Sydney’s free chemical drop-off day in July.

Leftover chemicals can be handed over at Sydney Park Depot on Barwon Park Road, St Peters, from 9am to 3.30pm at the Chemical CleanOut event on Saturday 16 July.

The free and easy event helps residents safely remove unwanted, hazardous items from their home without fear of harming the environment or local waterways.

“This free service allows residents to confidently remove harmful materials from their home, knowing they will be recycled or disposed of correctly,” Lord Mayor Clover Moore said.

“Toxic elements such as mercury, cadmium and lead can be found in household items as common as cosmetics, skincare, light globes and batteries.

“If disposed of in a household bin or poured down the drain, these chemicals can make their way into our lakes, rivers and oceans, polluting our water, poisoning our marine life and possibly even harming other people.

“The City is proud to work with the NSW Environmental Protection Authority to run chemical drop-off days to help keep our city and its waterways clean.”

Residents are advised to stay in their vehicles at the drop-off site to allow waste experts to safely collect all items and chemicals.

Chemicals will be sorted into more than 40 categories for re-use or recycling, with items such as unwanted paints used as an alternative fuel in cement kilns, and residual gas removed for industrial use.

At the City’s most recent Chemical CleanOut, there was a record number of drop-offs, with 819 households disposing of nearly 24 tonnes of chemical waste.

Paints, batteries, gas cylinders, hydrocarbons, fuels and oils with pesticides, asbestos and arsenic were among the popular items handed in by the community at the February collection.

Mercury, which is often found in old lighting and can be extremely dangerous to humans and the environment, was also included in the list of chemicals.

Computers, mobile phones, cameras and other electronic goods should not be brought to the chemical clean-out but reserved for the City’s next e-waste drop-off day on 15 October.

CleanOut collections held in the Sydney region are open to all New South Wales residents, unless expressly stated.

For other drop-off dates, visit the Household Chemical CleanOut website at or call the NSW Environment Line on 131 555.

Chemical CleanOut Day

Where: Sydney Park Depot, Barwon Park Rd, St Peters

When: Saturday, 16 July, 9am–3.30pm

Chemicals and other products accepted include:

  • Solvents and household cleaners;
  • Paints and thinners;
  • Pesticides and herbicides;
  • Poisons;
  • Aerosols;
  • Pool chemicals;
  • Motor oils, fuels and fluids;
  • Acids and alkalis;
  • Car batteries;
  • Household batteries;
  • Hobby chemicals such as photographic chemicals;
  • Gas bottles;
  • Fire extinguishers;
  • Fluorescent lamps;
  • Light globes;
  • Smoke alarms; and
  • Cosmetics and skincare. 
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