Green apartments program: lower bills and emissions

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The City of Sydney is inviting 20 high-rise apartment buildings to join a free program that will reduce emissions and slash utility bills.

This follows a successful pilot of the Smart Green Apartments Program that produced average savings of $25,000 per year and cut carbon emissions by 3,000 tonnes.

The program provides tailored energy, water and waste assessments and access to an online system to monitor energy and water use in apartment buildings.

City of Sydney CEO, Monica Barone, said apartment buildings were surprisingly energy intensive due to centralised equipment such as lifts, common area lighting, air conditioning, ventilation and other shared facilities.

“More than 70 per cent of the City’s residents live in apartment buildings – a figure set to increase to 80 per cent by 2030,” Ms Barone said.

“Our residents are some of the most environmentally conscious in Australia and there is a real desire from the community to improve energy efficiency.

“Residential apartments are responsible for around 10 per cent of the City’s total greenhouse gas emissions, so this program gives us the opportunity to make some serious cuts.

“Simple changes like upgrading lighting, equipment tune-ups and water efficiency upgrades can save owners money and reduce carbon emissions.

“By offering apartment owners the means of reducing emissions we can make apartment living far more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.”

Bauhaus Apartments in Pyrmont was one of several buildings to participate in a trial program, described by the building’s Executive Committee Chair, Gordon Streight, as invaluable.

“The program provided a huge amount of knowledge about the building and how our resources were being used,” Mr Streight said.

“The program’s ongoing support and networking opportunities helped us learn how other buildings tackle the same issues as we do. I would encourage other buildings to embrace the Smart Green Apartments program and leverage the experience of others across the city.”

Aria Apartments in Waterloo also made significant cuts to bills and emissions by changing all lighting to LED, introducing new recycling stations and an e-waste bin.

Apartment buildings from all suburbs throughout the City of Sydney local government area can apply at:

For media inquiries, Alex Cauchi on 0467 803 815 or acauchi@cityofsydney.nsw

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