Nature oasis in the heart of Glebe

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A new pocket park with trees, native plants and seating will give locals space to relax and connect with nature in the centre of bustling Glebe.

Previously an unused intersection at Colbourne Avenue, the City of Sydney has turned the area into lush, green space with around 2,000 native plants, 11 trees and an additional 300 square metres of garden beds.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore praised the City’s tree team for finding pockets of underused city spaces and turning them into green open spaces for the community to enjoy.

“The City’s growing urban forest adds to our city’s beauty and character, as well as improving air, soil and water quality,” the Lord Mayor said.

“We’re creating great public spaces and adding to our urban forest by planting the appropriate trees for parks and streets and increasing the diversity of species in our local area.

“Our target is to increase the City’s urban canopy by 50 per cent by 2030. Since 2005 we’ve planted more than 11,000 new street trees, added 57,000 square metres of landscaping throughout the city’s streets; and installed 154 rain gardens.

“Over three quarters of our city’s population live in apartments so the City’s parks and playgrounds serve as backyards for everyone. It’s vital we continue to provide green open space for our residents to walk their dogs, play with their children or sit and read under the shade of a tree.”

A recent UTS study showed the City’s plan to increase tree canopy by 50 per cent could have a bigger impact on reducing air pollution than cutting cars. The study also found that increased urban greening would result in community health benefits.

“Street trees can also improve wellbeing and reduce stress levels,” the Lord Mayor said. “They also help beautify our streets, cool buildings, reduce the urban heat island effect and provide habitat for our city’s birds and animals.

“Every year one mature tree can absorb 3,400 litres of stormwater, filter 27 kilograms of pollutants from the air and provide a cooling effect.”

Under the City’s environmental action plan, 600 new street trees will be planted annually until 2021, alongside 1,300 new trees and shrubs annually for its parks and open spaces.

For media inquiries or images, contact City of Sydney Senior Media Advisor Claire Thompson Phone (02) 9265 9582 or email

For interviews with Lord Mayor Clover Moore, contact Matt Levinson. Phone 9265 9711  or email

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