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Sydneysiders who live in apartments, or those interested in buying one, are invited to a series of free workshops tackling the big issues of city living, from parking and pets, to noise and strata levies.

The City of Sydney’s Strata Skills 101 interactive workshops are led by industry experts who share case studies and their own experiences to provide effective strategies for living in an inner city community.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the popular workshops, from 1 March–21 June, provide valuable advice for the ever-increasing number of owners and renters of apartments.

“More than 75 per cent of residences within the City of Sydney area are apartments – that’s over five times the national average,” the Lord Mayor said.

“Different rules and approaches can apply in apartment blocks and not everyone is used to high-density living, so it’s important to understand your rights and responsibilities.

“This series of workshops is designed to equip renters and owners with the tools and information they need to ensure their living experience is a positive one and they get along with their neighbours.”

Each workshop focuses on different areas of strata, to provide renters and owners with helpful tips and strategies.

Workshop topics include renovation basics, strata governance, executive committee functions, helpful communication strategies, levies, pets and buying off the plan.

Workshops are limited to 50 participants, so register early at

Yours, Mine & Ours: Renovation basics for strata living Tuesday 1 March, 6pm–8pm This workshop will provide participants with information on what you can and can't repair and renovate in your strata apartment. Information and case studies will provide examples of what can happen when you don't do your research and some of the common issues that can arise.

From Meeting to Minutes: Why good governance matters Tuesday 15 March, 6pm–8pm Learn how good governance helps to create strong communities. Well-run strata schemes with effective management by an executive committee create better places to live and help owners comply with important legislation. This workshop will show examples of best practice for duties such as running meetings and taking minutes, to securing long-term tenancy and having well-maintained common areas.

High-rise Harmony: Communication strategies to create a sense of community in your apartment building Tuesday 22 March, 6pm–8pm Improve your communication skills and find useful strategies for dealing with everything from meetings to renovations. Using practical examples, this workshop will help participants address common areas of conflict such as noise, parking and parties. It will show how to develop strategies for difficult conversations with a neighbour or committee, as well as what to consider before putting a complaint in writing, and what is best said in person.

Strata Who? Strata You! Strata basics for international students Tuesday 12 April, 6pm–8pm This workshop is a great opportunity for international students to learn about apartment living in Sydney. Come along and find out about life in a strata apartment – the people you need to know, making friends in your building, and all about noise, safety, parking and recycling.

The New Executive Committee Member: Individual need or the collective good? Tuesday 3 May, 6pm–8pm This innovative workshop shows what it's like to be on an executive committee. It will cover executive committees for established buildings and new strata schemes that have their own unique set of challenges and opportunities. The workshop will provide an overview of the role of the executive committee and some useful strategies to address some common but often unexpected issues that arise for new executive committee members.

The Handover: From developer to owners Tuesday 10 May, 6pm–8pm Are you considering buying into strata from off-the-plan? Learn the basics about strata schemes before you sign on the dotted line. Whether you're a first-home buyer or investor, this workshop will help you understand the strata process and the main issues you need to consider. You'll find out what you actually own, what you can and can't do, and what you need to consider as part of a new community. The workshop also covers the basics of strata terminology including common property, by-laws, unit entitlement, and levies.

Strata Paws: Living with pets in high-rise apartments Tuesday 24 May, 6pm–8pm Have you ever taken a pet's eye view of your apartment? Simple changes can improve your apartment and keep your pet – and your neighbours – happy. The Strata Paws workshop is perfect if you're moving with your pet into an apartment, have a new pet or are thinking about getting one. And it's suitable for both owners and renters. You'll explore useful case studies and pick up lots of strategies for dealing with pets – from design modifications to bark-busting toys. The workshop is designed to improve your pet's everyday life and is useful for pet owners dealing with a pet conflict within a building.

Holding Back the Levy: Learn about collective finance and levies Tuesday 7 June, 6pm–8pm Are low strata levies a good or a bad thing? If you aren't sure and are thinking about moving into strata then this is the workshop for you. The workshop will provide residents with information on the purpose of levies and other administration funds in strata schemes and why you need to pay them.

Strata Skills 101 The Sinking Fund: A planning essential for strata Tuesday 21 June, 6pm–8pm Do you understand what your sinking fund is for? Here's your opportunity to learn about the sinking fund planning process that will ensure your apartment is well maintained. We'll discuss the purpose of the sinking fund and the governance requirements for establishing your 10-year plan. We will also look at best practice models for small, medium and large buildings and why planning as a community is essential for a high-rise home.

All workshops will be held at: City of Sydney Level 3, 307 Pitt Street, Sydney

For more information, visit or Twitter: @cityofsydney Instagram: @cityofsydney Facebook:

For media inquiries: City of Sydney Senior Media Adviser Jodie Minus 0467 803 815 or

For interviews with Lord Mayor Clover Moore: Paul Mackay 0432 182 647 or email


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