Local ecology

Green-thumbed Sydneysiders plant shrubs and grasses for National Tree Day

Volunteers helped create new safe havens for native wildlife

  • Sydney Park, St Peters

    Nature-loving Sydneysiders were out in force for National Tree Day. They helped plant shrubs and grasses to make new protective habitats for animals, such as small birds and lizards.

  • Australia's largest tree-planting event

    National Tree Day was started in 1996 by Planet Ark and has become Australia’s largest community tree-planting and nature care event. Over the past 22 years, more than 4 million people have planted over 24 million trees and plants on National Tree Day and Schools Tree Day.

  • 1,000 new plants installed

    At Sydney Park, St Peters, 159 people gathered to install 1,000 new plants at a City of Sydney community event.

    Little Leo and his dad made a great team. They’re helping restore native landscapes, which is vital for preserving the biodiversity unique to our urban areas and helps minimise the impacts of climate change.

  • Local Rotary members

    Local Rotary Club members pitched in at the Sydney Park planting.

    Trees and plants are beneficial for us all – they reduce air pollution, bring shade to our parks and streets, and provide habitat for native birds and wildlife.

  • Volunteers of all ages helped planting efforts

    At Arthur Paddy Gray Reserve in Glebe, 73 people came together to plant 500 shrubs and plants.

    The City hopes that through these events, youngsters like Milo, Jake and Sebastian will be inspired to nurture green spaces.

  • Watering new plants

    By rebuilding the local habitat, locals hope to encourage small birds such as the superb fairy-wren back into the area.

    Residents were encouraged to join a local bush care group to help keep the spaces free of weeds and rubbish, as well as planting and nurturing new plants.

  • New shrubs

    There are more than 400 parks and open spaces in our city covering 188 hectares of land. New shrubs will help us in our efforts to create inner-city havens for native birds and other small creatures who need this environment to survive and thrive.

  • Residents inspired

    It's hoped events like National Tree Day will inspire residents to nurture their own green spaces by planting a tree or coming together to help care for local parks.

National Tree Day took place on Sunday 29 July at Sydney Park, St Peters and Arthur Paddy Gray Reserve, Glebe.

Published 30 July 2018