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Harold Park: A new park for everyone

It’s all blue skies and sunshine as locals celebrate their new green space.

  • Open space for everyone

    This 3.8-hectare green space is next to the Tramsheds in Forest Lodge and links parks and Glebe's foreshore. Trees and other plants attract birds, lizards, bees and other insects. An extensive stormwater harvesting and treatment system meets 80% of the park’s irrigation needs.

    Asked about the new park, resident Moya doesn’t hesitate. “It’s absolutely gorgeous - the green space, trees, and children’s playground. It’s a great addition to the neighbourhood.

    “It’s so important that there’s more green space when you have a lot of development. It’s especially important for children. Everyone needs green space – it lifts the spirits.”

    Credit: Hired Gun
  • A wildlife corridor invites birds, lizards and bees

    Grace: “The green open space is very good. The grass is well-kept and there are beautiful native trees that will grow and give lots of shade.”

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  • Locals embrace a new era

    Michael has lived in the area for 40 years and has seen a lot of change.

    “The new park is delightful,” he said. “The playground for the children, space for picnics. Nobody can complain around here that there isn’t enough open space. There is.”

    Credit: NS/City of Sydney
  • A unique playground that invites creative play

    Harold Park is a great place for children. Along with plenty of open green space, it features a unique custom-built playground with slides, swings and a timber climbing stack.

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  • Kids are excited to play on the new equipment

    Sandstone blocks are placed all around for climbing and sitting. There’s a shaded sandpit for younger children.

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  • Parents enjoy the playground with their kids

    Local 10-year-old Iris loves the playground. She’s excited about the climbing stack, slides and swings.

    “And there’s a giant swing over there,” she said, pointing. “It’s like a tyre swing but giant and there’s no hole in the middle.”

    Her father Ross is impressed with the free-form structure of the equipment.

    “The kids can climb all over it, making it whatever they want,” he said. “They can create ideas and play.”

    Credit: Hired Gun
  • So many things to do

    “It’s a lovely big space,” said Annette, who saw the park’s launch listed on What’s On, the City of Sydney’s official event guide.

    “There are so many things to do and it feels like the structures don’t have predetermined uses. It’s a flexible play space.”

    Her eldest son, Aiden chimed in. “I like it! You can climb on everything!”

    Annette said they were drawn to the timber structure because, while it feels solid, there’s a breeze going through.

    “And it’s shady,” Aiden added.

    Annette likes the use of wood as it doesn’t get too hot or cold.

    Credit: NS/City of Sydney
  • Flowing paths for bike riding

    The new space features walking and cycling paths that flow alongside the green area, wildlife corridor and apartments. The paths link local neighbourhoods with the harbour foreshore parks in Glebe, making for more intuitive and enjoyable travel.

    Grace: “I ride my bicycle, using the new path, and I can go straight through to the city. There are a lot of people riding to work now.”

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  • Paths for walking

    “I love it down here,” local Kerrie reflected. “It’s a real family area with cycling, and so much for the kids. It’s great to see so many people here enjoying the space on a beautiful day. No one could put more back into the community than the City of Sydney.”

    Credit: NS/City of Sydney
  • Shade structures that allow light and air

    The unusual shade structures above play, barbecue and seating areas have been designed to diffuse natural light. They also reflect the shapes of the sandstone cliff face next to the park. The detailed pattern echoes pressed metal ceiling designs found in nearby 20th century homes.

    Credit: Hired Gun
  • Pattern echoes pressed metal ceilings

    Iris: “I love the arch of the shade structures, how there’s tiny little flowers.”

    Grace: “I love that one of the shade structures is lit up at night. People feel safe.”

    Credit: NS/City of Sydney
  • Joining the celebrations

    Lord Mayor Clover Moore officially opened the park on Saturday 27 October 2018.

    Deputy Lord Mayor Linda Scott and Councillors Philip Thalis and Jess Scully joined in the celebrations.

    Credit: Hired Gun