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In pictures: A mystery ride with Art & About’s Passenger

A conversation on a bus, a cowboy and a horse at White Bay.

  • A humble beginning

    Passenger, the immersive theatre production by Jessica Wilson and Ian Pidd literally takes off from a suburban bus stop in Pyrmont. In this gallery we give you a peak into what the hour-long performance entails (without revealing the climax).

    Credit: Katherine Griffiths
  • Listen-up

    It becomes obvious early you need to hush the chatter and listen to the conversation between a blokey Australian guy and a woman at the back of the bus.

    Credit: Katherine Griffiths
  • This is no stationary theatre work

    As the plot evolves, referencing many pain points of modern living (hello Sydney property prices), the bus hugs the harbour and swings through the heart of the city centre. It’s a charming set.

    Credit: Katherine Griffiths
  • Was that supposed to happen?

    The bus stops at a set of lights near Circular Quay. A hooded man jumps on and hands the driver a small package. Ok, so maybe not all the characters are necessarily on the bus.

    Credit: Katherine Griffiths
  • Hat tip

    It’s not every day you see a cowboy at Barangaroo (at least dressed as a cowboy). And somehow this character gets across town at record speed and re-emerges later.

    Credit: Katherine Griffiths
  • OMG

    The conversation gets a little heated. And a cracker plot twist splits open.

    Credit: Katherine Griffiths
  • It’s him again

    How’d he get down here to White Bay?

    Credit: Katherine Griffiths
  • And now there’s a horse too

    The bus is doing donuts at White Bay as this scene unfolds. The bus driver is possibly living his dream.

    Credit: Katherine Griffiths
  • Showdown

    Will he talk her around?

    Credit: Photoplay and Romello Pereira
  • It’s not looking good for him

    Where’s MacGyver when you need him?

    Credit: Katherine Griffiths

Passenger is a free performance running until Sunday 8 March. Tickets are booked-out but you can go on a wait list.

Thanks to everyone who’s jumped aboard. You’ve all been wonderful company.

And finally, an extra big thank you to Busways. This project would not have been possible without the generosity of Busways.

Published 3 March 2020, updated 17 March 2020