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In pictures: Discover Dyuralya Square

See a vacant block in Waterloo transform into a wonderful outdoor meeting place for locals and visitors.

  • The civic heart of a new precinct

    Dyuralya Square is a 2,000 square metre community space. It’s framed by Murray Street to the north, Amelia Street to the east and Gadigal Avenue to the west. The square is linked by shared pathways and cycleways for safe and easy access to nearby shops on Archibald Avenue and open space in Wulaba Park.

    Credit: Katherine Griffiths / City of Sydney
  • A network of parks

    Waterloo is part of the Green Square urban renewal area. In just over a decade, Green Square will be home to be to over 60,000 residents, mostly living in high rise apartments. That’s why we’re creating more than 40 new parks in the area.

    Credit: Katherine Griffiths / City of Sydney
  • A watery history

    This area was once filled with freshwater creeks and swamps, making it a valuable hunting ground for local Aboriginal people. The square’s name is derived from the Sydney Aboriginal language word for the brolga, a species of crane that once thrived in the wetlands.

    Credit: Katherine Griffiths / City of Sydney
  • Rich history

    The area was cultivated by Chinese market gardeners in the 1880s and 1890s.

    The first colonial industries such as grain and cloth mills were established south of the square. This history inspired the use of materials such as recycled bricks and sandstone for the new square.

    The arrangement of furniture, paving and tree pits is guided by the old factory alignments. These are also shown in the paving inlays.

    Credit: Katherine Griffiths / City of Sydney
  • Meeting place

    Elena, Elisabetta, Jon and Elodie live in apartments next to the square. Elisabetta said: “We moved in June 2018 when construction had just started. We’ve seen the square grow from a pile of dirt. It’s beautiful. It will bring people together.”

    Credit: Katherine Griffiths / City of Sydney
  • Flexible spaces

    Tim, pictured with son Isaac, is a City staff member who worked on the square. Tim: “It has private spaces for people to relax, but it also has larger spaces that can be used for small events, markets and performances. I can’t wait to see it in 5 or 10 years’ time when the trees mature. There are trees everywhere.”

    Credit: Katherine Griffiths / City of Sydney
  • Room to play

    Maddie (front) is a local: “I like it because there’s lots of grass and trees. I don’t go to the park every day, just some days. I play gymnastics, hide and seek and tips.”

    Credit: Katherine Griffiths / City of Sydney
  • Opening

    Lord Mayor Clover Moore officially opens Dyuralya Square.

    Find out more about all the community facilities we’re building in Green Square.

    Credit: Katherine Griffiths / City of Sydney