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Spectacular snaps show the joy of riding in Sydney

The Sydney Rides photo competition celebrates 2-wheels from behind a lens. Here’s a selection of this year's finalists.

  • WINNER: ‘My Soigneur called Oscar’, Julie Stinson

    “Standing on the sidelines, this photo captures my son Oscar cheering on his dad in his first White Bay crit race. James and I love seeing our kids grow a love for cycling and hope Sydney sees cycling as an investment in the health and wellbeing of our next generation.”

  • ‘In Flight’, Joe Eagland

    “I first started taking photos of my friends riding bikes in the bush around 2 years ago. This photo captures the brief moment in time when my friend Jadon is surrounded by nature, gracefully flying through space.”

  • ‘Upside Down’, Peter Sedlacik

    “Stay creative – always ride with an open mind. Explore the unexplored and ride the roads no one has ridden before.”

  • ‘Crossword Pitstop’, Andrew Nicolaou

    “The moment you need a pitstop for some crossword solving in Hyde Park.”

  • ‘Try Time’, Edward Barry

    “This is a photo of celebration as the Newtown Jets rugby league team scores a try. I think the classic black and white compliments the historic Henson Park and the working class history of the Newtown Jets and rugby league.”

  • ‘Rush Hour’, Blake Bentley

    “It was great to see elite road racing back in the heart of Sydney. There was a real mix of riders in this twilight women’s peloton with international pros racing against local amateurs. Cycling is a great leveller in that way.”

  • ‘The Commute’, Rachael Willis

    “This photo was taken one spring morning early in the city. I like that the cyclist looks like such a dude in his funky jacket, yet he’s wedged between a bus, luxury cars and the photo is shot through a scratched bus shelter. It says a lot about the diversity of Sydney and interesting everyday moments you see as a street photographer.”

  • ‘The Wind in Their Hair’, John Slaytor

    “Cycling Without Age helps the elderly get back on bicycles powered by volunteers. Peter and Pat are an Italian couple who’ve been married over 70 years. When this picture was taken they were singing ’Oh, what a beautiful morning. . .’ and holding hands. Peter was a builder who helped build Martin Place and used to ride a bike to work.”

  • ‘Logistics’, Lucas Comino

    “This is a photo of my friend Lee jumping through one of most epic sunsets I’ve seen in the city.”

Congratulations to all 30 finalists in this year’s Sydney Rides photo competition: Salman Shaikh, Henrich Varga, Dean Harris, Tingha Pfaeffli, Daniel Kennedy, Rachel Hope, Edward Barry, Nelson N, Lucas Comino, Andrew Nicolaou, Ian Cairney, Mark Williams, Andrew Kagis, Blake Bentley, Lynette Wong, Vera Xia, John Slaytor, Joe Eagland, Toby Forage, Aaron McManus, Julie Stinson, Grace Hui, David Sark, Ben Cirulis, Peter Sedlacik, Francisco Martins, Caroline Seltz, Brandon Heng, Roberta Pennington and Rachael Willis.

See the Sydney Rides photo exhibition of finalist images at Paddington Reservior Gardens from 6 to 27 October between 8am to 8pm daily.

The Sydney Rides photo exhibition is part of the 2018 Sydney Rides Festival.

Published 17 September 2018, updated 18 September 2018