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Stories found as Sydney rides

What does bike riding in Sydney look like to you? We put the question to Sydney’s snappers. Here are some of our favourites.

  • Chasing Dreams

    This five-year-old is a future champion. He maybe small but the shadow he casts is as large as his potential.

    Credit: An Huynh
  • The Wind in Their Hair

    Residents of a local nursing home can finally enjoy the wind in their hair at Rushcutters Bay thanks to Cycling Without Age.

    Credit: John Slaytor
  • Sunrise Silhouette

    Mountain bike racer David Ludenia rides a trail above a dramatic cliff line in the Blue Mountains.

    Credit: Ben Sykes
  • Confusion in the CBD

    A country boy's depiction of bikes in the city.

    Credit: Ran Fields
  • Chinatown Delivery

    Rain or shine, bicycle food delivery is a great alternative to motor vehicles. It's convenient, efficient and environmentally friendly.

    Credit: Vanessa Wonga
  • Station to Station

    I took this shot because I liked the way the fence parallels the shape of the bike's wheels.

    Credit: Eric Hansen
  • Cyclists in the Mist

    Sea mist was blanketing West Head this morning. But it didn't deter these plucky all-weather cyclists.

    Credit: Peter Ogden