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The issues that matter to young Sydneysiders – and why they should vote

Meet the Emerging Civic Leaders working on a pledge to vote campaign for young people.

  • Rahim

    "Every person has a role to play in their community. Voting is a way to get your voice heard.

    “One of the big things for me is climate change. Also domestic violence and more funding for social services, like mental health."

    Credit: Sarah Rhodes
  • Aidan

    "I signed up because I feel like the government should think about what the community cares for.

    “There should be stronger policies on climate change and more action. Put more funds into ways to fix the planet and the environment."

    Credit: Sarah Rhodes
  • Orlando

    "Your actions now have a big impact on later generations.

    “Taking things you have learnt about people around you, presenting it and saying this is what my generation wants – that’s a really cool thing.”

    Credit: Sarah Rhodes
  • Kirra

    "The goal with our program is to empower people to come together, use their voice, and engage in the political process.

    “LQBTIQ rights are a big focus of mine. As well as mental health and poverty, particularly youth poverty and homelessness."

    Credit: Sarah Rhodes
  • Azraa

    "People I know don’t feel represented. They feel very disenfranchised from politics as a whole. We are very much a minority group so they don’t feel they are represented enough.

    “I want to help young people come to that realisation that you matter, your voice matters, what you believe in matters, and you need to take that stand if you want to see change."

    Credit: Sarah Rhodes
  • Isobel and Jill

    Isobel: "I’ve always been involved in social advocacy. I care about job security and transition to renewables. Corporations need to take responsibility for climate change."

    Jill: "The biggest issues for me? I care a lot about children and homeless people. I think it’s very important to support both of these groups."

    Credit: Sarah Rhodes
  • Charlotte and Saiful

    Charlotte: "Climate justice and education around mental health and education are important to me.

    "It’s really important to keep the conversation going about politics for young people."

    Saiful: "The main issue for me is that I want young people to join to be active in politics and to get a proper education on democracy and politics so they can choose the right thing when they vote."

    Credit: Sarah Rhodes

Emerging Civic Leaders is run by the City of Sydney and youth empowerment organisation Y Vote.

The City of Sydney sponsored 30 applicants in 2019.

The program will also run in 2020.

Published 15 November 2019

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