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Why vote Yes in the referendum

Vote Yes to recognise Indigenous Australians in the constitution, listen to their voices about decisions that affect them, and make a practical difference.

Support and nurture through culture and dance

Jodie Welsh, founder and artistic director of Brolga Dance Academy, looks back at the building blocks of her life.

I call myself a story catcher

Michelle Blakeney looks back at her childhood and the importance of documenting her people.

Voice to Parliament: Your guide to resources about the referendum

Learn more about the referendum before you vote on Saturday 14 October

Growing up on The Block

Lindsay Williams looks back on the strong Aboriginal community created in Redfern.

5 things you can discover in the City Archives

We keep more than 1 million records about Sydney dating from the 19th century onwards. International Archives Day is the perfect time to explore them.

8 ways to connect with First Nations cultures and communities

Make an impact beyond National Reconciliation Week

Why we support a First Nations Voice in the Australian Constitution

The City of Sydney has supported the long campaign for the Australian constitution to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

A council at war: World War 1 in Sydney

As we commemorate Anzac Day, we look in our archives to explore the involvement of Sydney Municipal Council in World War 1 and the war’s aftermath.

Coloured Diggers March: making Anzac Day a celebration for all

Find out more about this annual event recognising First Nations service personnel.


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9 Vivid Music events under $30 (and lots of freebies)

New mural depicts obscured faces from Australia’s past

Seeking young people to join our training and mentorship program


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