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On show now: TIDAL by Mike Daly

The artist uses 43 horizontal light tubes arranged 8cm apart to represent rising and falling water levels around the world.

As part of the City of Sydney’s Art & About series, TIDAL is a data visualisation of concurrent tides in Sydney and its coastal sister cities: San Francisco, Nagoya, Wellington, Portsmouth and Guangzhou.

The visualised tidal data is of the future – forecasts for the year 2050.

Tidal Mike Daly. Photo: Chris Southwood

The tidal movements are depicted as a vertical array of neon LEDs, which change colour like pixels.

Oscillating at 5000 times normal speed, the 12 months of tidal data is compressed into 1 hour and 45 minutes, looping like a recurring dream. Elegantly suspended mid-air, the breathing of the lights form an arresting yet calming experience, submerging us beneath the surface day and night.

Tidal Mike Daly. Photo: Chris Southwood

Mike Daly is a media artist, creative director and filmmaker, living in Sydney on the lands of the Gadigal and Wangal peoples. His award-winning work includes interactive digital installations, data visualisations, virtual reality experiences, light installations, projection video art for stage performances, immersive cinematic installations and traditional films.

Collaborating on the project is Leif Wilson, a highly accomplished production manager and technical director.

Watch TIDAL in a shopfront at 203 Oxford Street, Sydney until 25 May.

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