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The weather is the artist in new Green Square artwork

Weather, temperature and tides animate this ever-changing display

A giant, moving water colour artwork will soon overlook Green Square Plaza. Its 9-metre LED screen, which displays vibrant blues, reds and greens, was created by a Redfern-based artists Indigo Hanlee and Michael Hill of Lightwell. But the entity responsible for animating the artwork is not human.

The artwork High Water takes real-time weather for Green Square and Sydney ports and displays this in fluid pigments. The weather, temperature and tides determine this ever-changing display.

High Water by Lightwell, Sydney.

The artwork is made with hand-painted water colours and a digital art technique that continuously generates images. The constantly changing image will, over time, form a visual archive of our changing climate.

Green Square is a changing neighbourhood, so there are some great parallels between the changing patterns of the climate and the area itself.
– Michael Hill

The artists hope Green Square residents enjoy watching High Water through the seasons when the work is launched in September 2018.

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