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NSW Health has put out a public health alert for a medical centre in Sydney's centre

2 confirmed cases of Covid-19 attended Hyde Park Medical Centre on the ground floor of 175 Liverpool Street, Sydney

NSW Health is assessing potential exposure to Covid-19 of people who attended the Hyde Park Medical Centre and physiotherapy, pathology, dermatology and dental practices and pharmacy on the ground floor of the building from Monday 24 August 2020 to Saturday 5 September 2020.

If you worked there

Anyone who worked at these locations from Monday 24 August to today (5 September 2020) should get tested for Covid-19 immediately and isolate until a negative result is received.

If you were a patient or visitor

Patients who are considered close contacts will be contacted by NSW Health. They will be advised to get tested for Covid-19 and isolate for 14 days after their last date of visit.

Anyone who visited the premises should be alert and get tested for Covid-19 if they have even the slightest symptoms, and isolate until a negative result is received.

NSW Health has already identified a number of close contacts of the cases and directed them to immediately get tested and isolate for 14 days and stay isolated for the entire period, even if a negative test result is received.

Find the location of your nearest Covid-19 testing clinic.

Find information on latest Covid-19 case locations in NSW and instructions for anyone who was at these placess.

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