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5 tips for riding to work

Reinvigorate the way you commute

Riding to work

Incorporating exercise into your busy schedule and saving money and time are just some of the benefits of riding a bike.

But if making the switch seems challenging, here are our top 5 tips to get you started. You'll soon be quitting the commuter habit and riding to work on 2 wheels instead.

1. Build your confidence

Our Cycling in the City course provides valuable insights for beginners. Experienced instructors guide you through a series of skills and drills to ride city streets with confidence. There is also a Rusty Riders version if you haven't ridden in a while.

2. Plan your journey

The best way by bike is not always obvious. You may not ride the same way you drive. There's an abundance of laneways, hidden connections and cycle friendly streets in our area. Our Sydney cycling map and personalised route finding service will help you find a more enjoyable way.

You can also use our Facebook messenger service which provides instant results for your trip. Open messenger now and tap get started.

3. Do a trial ride

Once you have planned your trip, have a practice run on the weekend. There will be less traffic and you won't feel the pressure to arrive at work on time. Put the map in your back pocket, and get to know landmarks along the way to help you navigate the trip. You might be surprised how much safe and inviting infrastructure you find along the way.

4. Find a buddy

People who ride are a friendly bunch and more than willing to help others get started. Ask a friend or family member who already rides to accompany you. The Sydney Bike Commuter Facebook group is good place to ask questions and find a riding buddy.

5. Set a target

Set yourself a realistic goal. Changing your travel routine might seem challenging at first. Stick with it and you'll soon realise why more people are riding to work and loving it.

So give it a go, and enjoy the ride! We'd love to know how you get on. Share your story on our Facebook page or via the #sydneyrides hashtag.

Published 30 January 2018, updated 15 May 2018

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