Important information for Sydney New Year’s Eve 2020

The NSW Government is running New Year's Eve celebrations in 2020. Be aware of the restrictions and arrangements.

New Year's Eve update, 30 December 2020

The NSW Government has announced greater restrictions for gatherings under the public health order.

Household gatherings will be limited to 5 visitors (including children). The limit for outdoor gatherings will be reduced from 50 to 30.

We encourage everyone to ring in the new year at home. Gatherings in the City of Sydney’s local area and parks that do not comply with current public health orders will be reported to NSW Police.

For more information about New Year’s Eve, please visit the NSW Government website.

New Year's Eve update, 28 December 2020

The NSW Government has announced updated arrangements and restrictions for a Covid-Safe New Year’s Eve fireworks.

You’re encouraged to celebrate at home and watch the fireworks on ABC iview.

The following arrangements will be introduced from midnight 28 December:

  • The CBD frontline worker fireworks vantage point offering is cancelled. Frontline workers will be offered another opportunity in 2021
  • Hospitality venues will remain open but must adhere to the one person per four square metres rule
  • A short, seven-minute fireworks display will continue at midnight.
  • Unless you have a New Year’s Eve Pass through Service NSW, you will not be able to enter designated zones around Circular Quay and the CBD

For more information about New Year’s Eve, please visit the NSW Government website.

Here are 7 things you need to know to plan your night.

1. The NSW Government is responsible for New Year's Eve this year

In September, we agreed to a NSW Government proposal for it to take temporary custodianship of Sydney’s New Year’s Eve celebrations for 2020.

The NSW Government will manage access to vantage points, road closures, crowd control, as well as public transport and safety measures.

You can find all the details of what to expect on the NSW Government website.

There'll be a short fireworks display from Sydney Harbour Bridge at midnight. This will be broadcast live on ABC TV so you can enjoy the celebrations from home.

There aren’t any 9pm fireworks this year. The fireworks broadcast is part of the ABC’s annual New Year’s Eve program. It goes live from 8.30pm. Watch online on ABC iView and at the NSW Government website.

2. You’ll need to plan your night

Anyone without a ticket to a venue or a booking at a restaurant is encouraged to celebrate at home.

If you’re staying home be aware of the number of people allowed and to stay Covid safe when entertaining.

3. You’ll need a permit to access vantage points and some areas around the harbour

To help keep residents and visitors safe there will be a special zone set up around Sydney Harbour from 5pm Thursday 31 December.

Crowd numbers will be strictly controlled. You won’t be able to go to Circular Quay or without a special New Year's Eve Pass. Key vantage points in North Sydney will be closed to the public.

Entry to the Green Zone around Circular Quay and The Rocks is restricted to:

  • residents who live inside the zone and their guests
  • people with confirmed bookings at venues such as restaurants, hotels or bars within the zone
  • workers at venues within the zone.

NSW Government zone map for New Year's Eve 2020

Those entering the Green Zone after 5pm on the day must have a New Year’s Eve Pass. Those without one will be refused entry and turned away.


Residents in the Green Zone can download a New Year's Eve Pass from the NSW Government website.

Check whether you’re living in the Green Zone.

Visitors and workers

For people with bookings at venues and workers in the Green Zone, to apply for a New Year’s Eve Pass you must receive a code from the venue or event you’re attending.

You must have received this code by Wednesday 30 December 2020.

Once you have this code you can apply for your New Year’s Eve Pass from the NSW Government website.

All customers over 16 years will need a Pass to enter the Green Zone, from 5pm onwards. Children under 16 years will need to be registered on an adult Pass.


If your business is in the Green Zone, you will need to register the NSW Government website customers and employees can apply for a New Year’s Eve Pass.

The online application process is quick and easy. You can register from now up until 30 December 2020.

Once your business is approved, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your unique registration code.

You need to forward the registration code to your customers with a New Year’s Eve booking at your venue. They will use your code to apply for a New Year’s Eve Pass.

Cocktails being made at Prince of York

4. Make a booking: If you come to the city without a place to go to, you may be moved on

You will need to book a venue if you intend on going out. Make sure you check-in with a QR code or digitally when you get to your location.

Most vantage points within and around the Yellow Zone will be closed on the night. To avoid disappointment, please check with your local council before making any plans.

Gatherings in the City of Sydney’s local area and parks that do not comply with current public health orders will be reported to NSW Police.

5. Some of our parks will be closed

These parks will be closed from 1am on 31 December 2020.

Rushcutters Bay Park will be closed from 5pm on 31 December and will reopen at 6am 1 January 2021.

All closed parks will be fully fenced. Security guards and site managers will ensure there is no access. Fencing should be removed on 1 January and 2 January 2021.

Beare Park, Potts Point

6. Road closures and clearways will be in place

Roads in and around the Green Zone area in the city centre will progressively close from 2pm.

Special event clearways will be in effect from 12pm on roads in Circular Quay and The Rocks, and from 3pm in the city centre until 4am on New Year's Day.

These clearways are strict no-parking zones and apply even to local residents and businesses with parking permits or RMS mobility scheme permit holders.

Vehicles left in signposted clearways will be towed and a fee applies. For the full list of special event clearway locations and maps visit Live Traffic.

7. There'll be changes to public transport

Extra services will run on New Year’s Eve throughout the day and night. This is to help maintain physical distancing across the network and avoid crowding.

There will be changes to services due to Green Zone restrictions. This means its important to plan your trip using the Trip Planner.

Look for the green dots for the safest places to sit or stand while on board services.

Wearing a mask is also strongly recommended to stay Covid safe when travelling on the public transport network this New Year’s Eve.

For all the transport details you need to plan your trip visit Transport NSW.

This information is accurate as of 11.33am 30 December, 2020. Information may change. Please visit the NSW Government website for the latest updates.

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