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Sydneysiders encouraged to download the Service NSW app to help businesses stay Covid-safe

The NSW Government has made it mandatory for many businesses to now have digital check-in. Downloading the Service NSW app helps businesses and the community.

Service NSW QR code check in
Service NSW QR code check in

Contact tracing is one of the most powerful tools to stop the spread of Covid-19 in our community.

Digital check-ins make it easier for the NSW Government to contact customers of an affected business quickly if it becomes necessary.

They help businesses to remain Covid safe by meeting requirements for the collection and storage of customer contact details.

The NSW Government is providing all Covid Safe registered businesses with a free, safe and easy digital check-in tool for businesses and customers. It's accessed via the Service NSW app.

The community is encouraged to download the Service NSW app to help businesses stay compliant and our community safe.

Downloading it in advance will speed things up next time you are out and about and need to check-in.

Secure, easy and safe

Collecting customer information via QR codes to the Service NSW app is fast, accurate and secure for businesses and customers.

Customers will need to have the Service NSW app installed on their mobile to record their visit.

Using the app means you don't need to type in your personal information every time you check-in. It populates your details for you. It then makes the check-in seamless by sending accurate customer information directly to Service NSW.

This also means the data doesn't have to be stored by the business and is readily available for the NSW Government to access if necessary.

After check-in, customer contact details are stored securely by the NSW Government and destroyed after 28 days.

The Service NSW app isn’t just for Covid-19 check-ins

The Service NSW app has a ton of other handy features.

You can access a digital NSW Driver Licence, manage your vehicle and vessel registrations and keep on top of any penalties by viewing your roads-related fines and associated demerit points.

Download the Service NSW app.

Published 24 November 2020, updated 19 January 2021