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Bike2Books contest reveals kids colourful art

Cycleways become the canvas for winning entries.

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Bikes and books have a lot in common. They’re a ticket to freedom, a way to explore your world and expand your imagination.

Kids art competition Bike2Books brings these together with 2 winning artworks dotted along bike paths around the city.

Samuel, 10, won the 6 to 11 age category with his work, Bike of Books.

“I was reading Matilda by Roald Dahl and I realised that books can take you anywhere in the world,” Samuel said.

“This was my inspiration for Bike of Books.”

A 2-time winner of Bike2Books, Samuel is a regular at Sydney libraries.

Darling Square Library is probably my favourite,” he said. “I like its unique architecture and the amount of books it has.”

It’s no surprise to see a Harry Potter influence in Samuel’s artwork – JK Rowling’s creations are his go-to books.

“Sometimes I read the whole series in a month!” Samuel said.

Bike2Books winner: The budding artist’s work will be displayed on a Sydney cycleway
Bike2Books winner: The budding artist’s work will be displayed on a Sydney cycleway

The 120 entrants in Bike2Books also included Shijegi, 5, winner of the 2 to 5 age category. A love of superhero fiction inspired his artwork, Super Power Bike.

“I like to ride and scoot,” Shijegi said. “And I love Customs House Library – the miniature city there is cool.”

Keep an eye out for Samuel and Shijegi’s artworks on cycleway decals across the city, adding a splash of colour as you ride or walk by.

“Look around you for inspiration. You never know when there's something close by that will spark your imagination,” Sam said.

We agree.

Use the City of Sydney’s cycleways maps and plan your next ride to find Shijegi and Samuel’s artworks.

Bike2Books first began in Portland, to promote riding, cycling infrastructure and encourage people of all ages to explore their local area by bike. The event returns to Sydney in spring 2020.

Published 22 January 2020