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Bikes and the new light rail corridor

What you need to know.


Light rail has arrived in the city centre and Sydney’s south east, but it’s brought with it some questions from people who ride.

See our tips on riding safely and legally around light rail.

You’re not allowed to ride in the tram tracks

Riding in the tramway is illegal and hefty fines apply. It’s also dangerous.

Trams can’t stop as quickly as other vehicles and you risk jamming your tyres in the tracks.

Take care when crossing tracks

Cross perpendicular to the tram tracks if you can. It’s the safest way to prevent your tyres slipping or getting caught.

If the tracks are wet, take extra care.

Try to avoid turning or braking when passing over tram tracks in the wet, as you’re more likely to skid.

If you’re not confident, it’s best to dismount and wheel your bike across.

George Street pedestrian area is off limits for riding

You can’t ride a bike along George Street between Hunter and Bathurst streets, unless you're accessing a private driveway. In this case, you must enter at the closest cross street and ride to your destination.

In all other cases, you must walk your bike in the pedestrian area.

See more tips from Transport for NSW on walking, riding and driving safely around light rail.

Published 13 December 2019, updated 10 April 2024