City of Sydney and OzHarvest food relief appeal

Sydney: We’re asking you to help us provide food for the thousands of Sydneysiders going hungry due to Covid-19.

No one should have to worry about having enough to eat. But right now, many Sydneysiders are.

Accessing affordable, nutritious food has become even harder for vulnerable people. And the economic impact has seen many young people and families go hungry for the first time.

But we can all make a difference. We’re asking for help to feed our communities: for Sydneysiders to feed Sydneysiders.

So far, working with OzHarvest and 60 community organisations, as well as our own Meals on Wheels program, we’ve delivered over 20,000 meals and 1,500 staples bags across our local area.

Despite all that has already been done, more help is needed to help OzHarvest continue their critical work. That’s why we’ve launched the City of Sydney OzHarvest Food Relief Appeal.

Without action, more people will be affected. The demand for food is not decreasing.

Donate now. Every $1 you donate provides 2 meals for someone in need.

Why your donations are needed

OzHarvest is Australia’s leading food rescue organisation. They collect quality excess food from commercial outlets and deliver it directly to charities to support people in need.

During the pandemic, OzHarvest’s volumes of rescued food have fluctuated dramatically. This means they’ve had to purchase food for the first time in 16 years to help meet the increased demand.

The fundraising appeal, alongside a $1m donation from the City of Sydney, will help maintain services until OzHarvest can transition to a rescued-food model.

Donate now to help the City of Sydney and OzHarvest supply food to vulnerable Sydney communities.

Your donation will help those in need in our city right now and ensure a food safety net for what’s to come in the months ahead.

Any amount would be greatly appreciated and put to good use.


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