Our free recycling stations have expanded

We’ve installed them in 16 locations and you can now drop off small electronics, batteries, mobile phones and light bulbs.

Over 80% of our residents now live within 750m of a recycling station, making it easier than ever to get rid of items sustainably.

Small electronics must be less than 11cm wide to fit inside the collection hole – think mobile phones, chargers, cords, headphones, smartwatches, webcams and small digital cameras. No large electronics, like laptops and iPads. Learn how to recycle larger electronics.

Tape battery terminals for safety before dropping them off.

Batteries, mobiles, light bulbs and electronics don’t belong in your bins at home. By recycling them, you’re helping save precious resources, reducing the need for mining raw materials and keeping items out of landfill.

You’ll find free recycling stations in these locations:

Customer service centres


Community and recreation centres

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