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Extreme weather and catastrophic fire danger

We ask Sydneysiders to take care and prepare for forecast conditions.

Sydney extreme weather skyline

Extreme weather and catastrophic fire danger are forecast for Sydney on Tuesday 12 November 2019.

High temperatures, strong winds and low humidity are expected, making conditions dangerous.

Catastrophic fire conditions

The NSW Rural Fire Service has advised there’ll be catastrophic fire conditions for the Greater Sydney and Hunter areas due to worsening weather.

A statewide total fire ban has been declared for Monday and Tuesday.

If you live in or near a bushfire zone, please ensure you’re prepared. For help with a bushfire plan, visit My Fire Plan.

News updates and alerts can be can be found at the NSW RFS website. Also keep up to date with the RFS Facebook and Twitter pages.

Extreme heat and lower air quality

Based on Bureau of Meteorology forecasts, 12 November will be hot, dry and windy with temperatures in the high 30s.

Visit the NSW Health website for tips to stay healthy in the heat. You can also help our wildlife during a heatwave.

There may be smoke haze from bush fires that could reduce air quality. Children, older adults and people with existing heart and lung conditions are advised to take extra care.

Follow NSW Health on Facebook and Twitter for updates and advice.

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Updates from the NSW Rural Fire Service

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Published 11 November 2019, updated 13 November 2019

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