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Eyes of the world on our harbour for Sydney New Year’s Eve

Pulsating stars, wave effects and fireworks of new colours will welcome 2019 with a bang.

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More than 100,000 individual pyrotechnic effects will ensure Sydney retains its title as New Year’s Eve capital of the world.

This year’s theme, the Pulse of Sydney, is inspired by the city’s dynamic blend of urban and natural beauty, and its thriving multicultural community.

New Year's Eve fireworks director, Forch Foti.
New Year's Eve fireworks director, Forch Foti.

Spherical fireworks inspired by Saturn will feature colourful rings. And an extra 1,000 fireworks on the bridge include wave effects synchronised to upbeat music.

Dramatic gold and silver firework cascades will feature in a tribute to the late, great Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.

Many fireworks will launch from 8 pontoons parallel to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and 4 main barges. They can be viewed from more locations and make the bridge appear larger than ever.

Elena Foti on one of the fireworks barges.
Elena Foti on one of the fireworks barges.

For the first time, peach and lime fireworks will make their mark at 9pm for 8 minutes and include the winning entry from the ABC’s design your own firework competition. Designed by 12-year-old Dhrithi from South Australia, the jewel of the sea blue firework, with a glittering white centre, will light up the harbour.

The midnight fireworks and laser projections will soar above Sydney Harbour and project high from the harbour bridge and the Sydney Opera House for a mesmerising 12 minutes.

The 10-second countdown to midnight will include large flashing numbers alternating from left to right from each end of the bridge and moving to the middle.

The team from Foti International Fireworks.
The team from Foti International Fireworks.

2018 marks the 22nd consecutive year that Sydney’s Foti International Fireworks has created the fireworks show for the City of Sydney.

More than 5,000 hours go into creating the New Year’s Eve displays. Foti International Fireworks places great emphasis on the quality and safety of spectators, with all fireworks thoroughly inspected and tested to international standards.

Plan the perfect night at the official Sydney New Year's Eve website.

Published 28 December 2018