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Free 1-on-1 cycling lessons and advice

Our 1-on-1 sessions and bike help line are free to everyone who lives or works in our area.

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Whether you're new to riding or an experienced rider looking for advice, our bike buddies program and bike help line will boost your riding confidence.

Bike buddies 1-on-1 lessons

Want to learn new skills or techniques for a safe, smooth riding? Get a free 1-on-1 cycling skills lesson.

Bike buddies is a personalised program that pairs you with a qualified BikeWise instructor for a free cycling skills session or cycling advice.

An instructor will meet you at a location convenient to you, where your bike will be safety checked.

During the 2-hour session, your instructor will teach skills and techniques for effective, safe and confident riding. You’ll practice with real on-street scenarios, including lane positioning, signalling, managing intersections, braking and gear selection.

Your instructor can also help you with route selection for a smooth and safe way to get around. They'll even help you work out the best route between home and work.

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Learn cycling skills or get advice from an expert from BikeWise.
Learn cycling skills or get advice from an expert from BikeWise.

Bike help line

Do you have a question about bike riding, bike setup or other bike-related matters? Use our bike help line and experts from BikeWise can happily help you with:

  • advice about cycling skills
  • planning a safe, smooth route
  • tips for safe riding
  • advice about picking the right bike
  • bike security and storage.

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These free services are only available to City of Sydney residents, or people who work in the City of Sydney’s local area.

Learn more about all our cycling courses and programs and book your session.

Published 3 November 2022, updated 4 November 2022