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Harbour Bridge to loom larger than ever this New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve lighting designer Ziggy Zeigler has pulled out all stops to make Sydney Harbour Bridge look more spectacular than ever this NYE.


More than 1 billion people will tune in to see one of the largest and most technologically advanced lighting displays for Sydney New Year’s Eve.

Led by Ziggy, lighting experts have spent a staggering 800 hours installing cables and lights on the Harbour Bridge for the spectacular event.

The bridge lighting will this year project to the roadways and below, working at steep angles along the entire length of the bridge and making the bridge appear larger and more dazzling than ever.

“The lights are all about keeping it fun and vibrant, not something over the top. They’ll be moving from one side of the bridge to the other, to use the bridge’s full shape,” Ziggy said.

Each year we try to see how far we can go and we’ve been thinking about this new effect for some years.

The sails of the Sydney Opera House will blaze with new pyrotechnic effects, painting the harbour with lime and peach tones inspired by a Sydney summer.

New Year’s Eve lighting designer Ziggy Zeigler.
New Year’s Eve lighting designer Ziggy Zeigler.

“We’ll do synchronised patterns, rather than just sitting still in the light and Luna Park’s Ferris wheel will feature complementary colours.”

At 11pm, a new creative music moment will light the Sydney Harbour Bridge pylons with Aussie beach scenes, outback images, the Sydney city skyline and a setting sun.

And for the first time, The Harbour of Light Parade features coloured lights. The 55 vessels will carry more than 12 kilometres of lights and 3,000 individually programmed bulbs with 500 distinct synchronised patterns.

The Harbour of Light vessels, Sydney Bridge and Lunar Park Ferris wheel will be lit in red for the Calling Country ceremony at 9.08pm, which respectfully acknowledges all First Nations peoples.

See the line-up of events and plan your Sydney New Year’s Eve.

Published 31 December 2018