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Sydney City Farm has grown into one of the city's leading urban farms and we want your input about its future direction. Your feedback will help the farm grow with, and for, our communities.

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Sydney City Farm spreads over half a hectare in Sydney Park. It's a hub for budding agriculturalists and urbanites looking to get their hands dirty and learn about food production.

Last year more than 400kg of fruit and vegetables were harvested from the farm. Harvested food is distributed to charities and people in need, including the Asylum Seekers Centre.

"The Asylum Seekers Centre is assisting a lot of people from Syria at the moment," Sydney City Farm project manager Belinda Thackeray said. "So we've started planting crops to suit cuisine from that region, including some Middle Eastern varieties of cucumber."

All watering, weeding, planting and harvesting is done by hand. Photo: Chris Southwood / City of Sydney

More than 300 active volunteers work together to plant, water, weed and harvest the crops, flowers and companion plants.

"I grew up on a farm in the Riverina," volunteer Jenny Keast said. "I remember mum would give us a paper bag full of un-shelled peas to eat in the car on long drives to keep us quiet! Imagine that."

Jenny Keast, one of the farm's passionate volunteers. Photo: Chris Southwood / City of Sydney

Flowers, seed pods and blooms. Photo: Chris Southwood / City of Sydney

Now in its 4th year of operation, Sydney City Farm is evolving and expanding. A new orchard area is being created as well as a plant nursery.

Learn more about Sydney City Farm and how to get involved, or have your say on the farm's future.

A new orchard space is being created, along with a plant nursery. Photo credit: Chris Southwood / City of Sydney

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