How to buy renewable electricity for your business or organisation

Want to make the switch but not sure of the best way to do it? We’ve compiled handy guides to GreenPower and power purchase agreements to make it easier for you

Many businesses, schools, not-for-profits and other organisations are switching to renewable energy.

Which is a great sign because we urgently need more organisations to switch to renewables and get to net zero emissions by 2035.

Have you found it tricky to know your best purchasing options?

If so, you’re not alone.

To make it easier for you, we've worked with the experts at the Business Renewables Centre Australia and compiled 2 simple guides. They'll help you feel more confident in your options and they include handy links to further credible information.

Check out the GreenPower and LGC guide now

All kinds of organisations buy GreenPower and LGCs, from hair salons to tech companies, apartment buildings and restaurants.

If your organisation is buying more than 500MWh of electricity each year, we recommend looking into a PPA.

PPAs support the decarbonisation of our electricity grid by providing financial certainty for wind and solar farms.

PPAs offer you the following benefits:

  • Greater price certainty over a longer time period – typical contract terms are 5-7 years. This means you can plan better as you'll have a more accurate idea of your expenses each year. Companies with PPAs are less exposed to energy price fluctuations.
  • Large emissions reductions – you can get to net zero emissions and achieve your sustainability targets faster.
  • Brand equity and reputational strength – you can demonstrate to your customers and investors that you're genuinely taking climate action and contributing to the development of the renewables sector.

The City of Sydney has a PPA along with other organisations like Ascham School, strata management companies and the Sydney Opera House.

Check out the PPA guide now.

Real estate marketplace Domain buys GreenPower. Sophie Sotriffer and Penny Sandercock, Domain Sydney office. Photography by Stefanie Zingsheim

How others are doing it

If you’re keen to know how others are going about their contracts, read how real estate marketplace Domain and law firm Gilbert + Tobin switched to GreenPower. And how Ascham School and a strata company struck their PPA deals.

Get help

We’d love to help you switch to buying 100% renewable electricity.

Feel free to contact us at

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