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How’s business? Have your say on Sydney’s needs and priorities

Lend your voice to our yearly pulse check, helping us understand trends and how we can shape future support.

Owner of Penny's Cheese Shop, Potts Point. Photo: Renee Nowytarger

Consumer confidence has recently taken a hit and spending has shifted away from retail bricks and mortar.

Experiences, including dining out, are at the heart of Sydney’s economic growth according to our latest economic insights report. Hospitality businesses in particular are seeing a wave of increased patronage on weekends.

Does this reflect your business balance sheet? How are you managing the post-pandemic recovery, and what are your operational challenges?

The way we do business has transformed over the last few years for many. We’re zooming in, taking a micro look at Sydney’s business landscape. Help piece the full picture together on economic recovery and take our business needs survey.

Businesses from all sectors, including retailers, hospitality owners and entrepreneurs, tourism operators and professional service providers are encouraged to have their say.

Help plan for the road ahead

Feedback from the survey will be used to monitor trends such as business confidence, flexible working, diversity and inclusion practices, resilience and preparedness, and sustainability practices. It will also help assess the need for business upskilling initiatives, and the best way to present these.

Past results have shaped our support including the al fresco city program, CBD activation grants, the CBD revitalisation campaign, and free capacity-building programs like Reboot and the business innovation program.

Be part of Sydney’s business community story

The online survey is now open until 5pm, Monday 23 October. Take the survey.

Published 19 September 2023, updated 14 May 2024