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Laws for food businesses are changing

What you need to know if you prepare and serve food in our local area.

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Recent changes to the Food Standards Code impact all businesses that prepare and serve food in NSW.

From 8 December 2023, businesses that handle unpackaged food requiring temperature control and serve it ready-to-eat, must have a qualified food safety supervisor on staff. They must ensure all food handlers are trained in food safety and hygiene. Higher-risk businesses must also demonstrate their safe food handling practices.

While some businesses already require a food safety supervisor in NSW, the new requirements now also apply to school canteens, childcare services, charities and not-for-profits, correctional centres, delis and supermarkets, and some coffee vendors.

The NSW Food Authority has developed a range of resources to help businesses prepare for these changes, including free online food handler training.

Take this short quiz to check if the new requirements apply to your business or find out more.

Published 10 October 2023, updated 29 February 2024