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Grow your business and create an inclusive customer experience

Making small changes to include people with disability is easy and boosts profitability. It shows you care and is also the law.

Vision impaired customer in high street

1 in 6 Australians (4.4 million) have a disability. This is a huge segment of the population. They are often overlooked as customers and have spending power and choices.

Whether you own a bricks and mortar business or operate online, there are opportunities to improve access.

Join our free business breakfast on Thursday 30 November to get some ideas on simple steps you can take to meet the needs of these potential customers.

The business case for better access

You can boost your business bottom line up to 25% by making it easier for people with disability to buy your products or services, according to Monash University.

What’s more, for every $1 spent on access there is a $13 return on investment.

Small changes make a difference

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The City of Sydney has partnered with Zero Barriers to support businesses in the local area in becoming more accessible.

10 ways to create a more inclusive customer experience:

  1. Make sure the entrance to your business is accessible and clear of obstacles
  2. Check your counter is accessible and well-lit
  3. Create clear signs that are easy to read and use high contrast colours
  4. Invest in an accessible EFTPOS machine
  5. Offer information with pictures and/or visual representations
  6. Confirm your team knows the location of the nearest accessible toilet
  7. Check employees are aware about inclusive communication with people with disability
  8. Inform your employees about the rights of customers with guide and service dogs, and assistance animals
  9. Consider multiple ways for your business to be contacted including phone, email and website
  10. Provide opportunities for customers to give feedback in different ways

Hear from businesses like iFly in Penrith and Castlereagh Boutique Hotel in central Sydney about how they’ve connected and cater for people with disability at Good access is good business.

Published 14 November 2023, updated 19 March 2024