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NAIDOC in the City goes online for 2020

Enjoy music, dance, discussion and shopping in the comfort and safety of your home.

Naba Gumal (‘Family and Friends’)
Shannon Foster Naba Gumal (‘Family and Friends’) for NAIDOC

NAIDOC in the City is a free online celebration of the world’s longest living Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

This year’s NAIDOC theme, ‘Always Was, Always Will Be’ recognises that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have occupied and cared for this continent for over 65,000 years.

Hosts Luke Carroll and Angeline Penrith will take us on journey of celebration with:

Ziggy, Sydney-based hip hop and freestyle artist is the roaring sound of peace.

Ziggy Ramo. Photo: Emma Pegrum
Ziggy Ramo. Photo: Emma Pegrum

Barkaa, recently named Barkaa one of Australia’s top 5 female rappers by ABC’s Triple J.

Barkaa. Photo: Tristan Edouard
Barkaa. Photo: Tristan Edouard

Mi-Kaisha, r&b soul artist, named National NAIDOC Week Youth of the Year in 2019 and was recently admitted to the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University.

Mi-Kaisha. Photo: David X Prutting/
Mi-Kaisha. Photo: David X Prutting/

Tune into a lively panel discussion, focusing on the NAIDOC theme ‘Always Was, Always Will Be’ moderated by JP Janke.

Get your steps in order with the Muggera Dancers dance workshop

Browse the online marketplace, buy local and authentic art, craft and produce from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses.

Bujari gamarruwa –‘good day’ in the Sydney Aboriginal language

We look forward to seeing you online!

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Published 3 November 2020, updated 9 November 2020