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Our new parking fine process

We’re no longer issuing paper fines.

Our rangers will no longer put fines on vehicles. Instead, Revenue NSW will directly post or email the notice.

The new system will offer more information about your fine and allow you to make informed decisions. It also improves safety for our rangers, who often face abuse and aggressive members of the public while doing their job.

It's also a more sustainable and environmentally friendly system where we’ll use less paper.

Revenue NSW has introduced the new system for councils to help address shortcomings with docket notices, including:

  • people being confused by the docket style fines and the limited fine information provided
  • fines being removed, leaving people unaware of the fine until they receive a reminder notice with less time to act.

The new system started in November 2021 and will cover the entire City of Sydney local area by December 2022.

Parking fines and the amounts are set by NSW Government legislation and are collected by Revenue NSW.

Councils don’t set fine penalties and rangers can’t alter or withdraw a fine.

Parking enforcement helps us manage issues of safety. It also helps us encourage drivers to move on so that space is available for everyone to use. This is essential for both our residents and our local businesses that require parking turnover.

It’s important we balance the needs of our entire community. Parking restrictions ensure our limited street parking is fairly distributed.

Published 29 October 2021, updated 11 November 2022

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