Powering ahead with more on-street charging options

How we’re helping residents switch to electric vehicles.

Residents in the City of Sydney area now have 9 locations where they can access electric vehicle (EV) chargers on the street.

We’re running a trial with Ausgrid and its partner EVX to help more people switch from petrol and diesel to cleaner EVs.

The trial is one part of our plan to cut emissions from transport as we push to net zero by 2035.

Our trial aims to empower people to make the switch.

“Drastically lowering transport emissions is critical to meeting our net zero targets. We are making great inroads by improving active and public transport options, but ensuring remaining private vehicle use is as green as possible is also incredibly important,” Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore AO said.

“That’s why the City of Sydney is working with energy providers and our diverse communities to lower the barriers to electric vehicle use, particularly through access to charging facilities.

The residents making the switch from polluting cars to cleaner EVs

Our research shows most people will be able to charge at home, work or at a public off-street charging point.

But some of our residents don’t have the space to install the infrastructure.

Greg O’Dea moved into Dawes Point more than 12 months ago and sold his Tesla because of a lack of charging options.

“The installation of the on-street EVX has prompted me to place an order for a new EV which will be arriving in January,” O’Dea said.

“I see a large number of different vehicles charging on Trinity Avenue and I’m thrilled the on-street charger enables me to a contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions.”

Greg isn’t the only resident reaping the benefits of this infrastructure that’s helping more people transition from fossil fuel powered vehicles to EVs.

Melanie Tait is one of many Sydney residents taking advantage of the on-street infrastructure. Image: City of Sydney/Nick Langley

For Millers Point resident Melanie Tait, the charger in her area is a “game-changer”.

“We’ve already seen an increase in residents making the switch which will only continue as more chargers are rolled out throughout the city,” Tait said.

“The houses here were built in the early to late 1800s when everyone was getting about by horse, so we are reliant on street-based infrastructure.

“The same can be said of the apartment blocks which were mostly built pre-electric cars and lack the necessary infrastructure to facilitate fast charging.”

How does it work and where are the on-street charger options?

There are 9 locations in as many suburbs across the City of Sydney area with this new infrastructure ready to use.

We’ve carefully selected the locations based on the existing access to off-street parking, and the availability of public rapid-charging facilities.

The on-street chargers are available to use in Rosebery, Alexandria, Newtown, Camperdown, Glebe, Darlinghurst, Pyrmont, Millers Point and Dawes Point.

EV drivers can now access 9 on-street charger locations in our local area:

  • 16 Kent Street, Millers Point
  • 12 Trinity Avenue, Dawes Point
  • 55 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont
  • 8 Brown Street, Newtown
  • 15 Carillon Avenue, Camperdown
  • 3-19 Yurong Street, Darlinghurst
  • 2 Huntley Street, Alexandria
  • 27 Morley Avenue, Rosebery
  • 75 St Johns Road, Glebe.

Most of the locations have 2 EV parking spaces that we will make available for free.

Drivers will need to bring their own cable and download an app to access and pay for the charging service directly with EVX.

There’s a total of 18 plug-in points at the 9 on-street locations in our area.

They complement the more than 100 publicly available chargers, including those at our Goulburn Street and Kings Cross car parks.

EV drivers can view a comprehensive list of public charging sites on the NSW Government’s EV charging map.

We’re working with industry to get more EVs on our streets

The trial with Ausgrid and its partner EVX shows how we are taking early action on our electrification of transport in the city strategy and action plan.

“We are all in a climate emergency. We must continue working to reduce emissions across the board and I’m glad these on-street chargers are powered by 100% renewable electricity,” the Lord Mayor said.

Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore AO with Ausgrid's head of EV charging Nick Black, EVX CEO Andrew Forster and EVX chief technology officer Sihan Li. Image: City of Sydney/Nick Langley

Ausgrid group executive of distributed services Rob Amphlett Lewis said the power pole-mounted chargers recently installed across our area showcase how Ausgrid is helping to make the transition to EVs easier.

“At Ausgrid, we are working hard to address issues surrounding electric vehicle charging accessibility.

Power pole-mounted chargers are faster and cheaper to deploy than other kerbside charging units and reduce urban clutter, causing less disruption to our surrounding communities,” Amphlett Lewis said.

“We believe as the community sees more charging infrastructure close to their homes, they will feel confident making their next vehicle purchase an EV. Ausgrid is uniquely placed to enable and accelerate broader electrification for an accessible, affordable and equitable net zero future.”

The Australian-made EVX pole charger has been designed to meet the challenges utility providers and councils face in building EV charging infrastructure sustainably.

“We’re proud of this partnership and are thrilled to be able to supply such a crucial component of our community’s EV charging needs. Areas of inner Sydney with little or no off-street parking will greatly benefit from this service, and these new chargers have been strategically located to serve these communities,” EVX CEO Andrew Forster said.

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