Racism Not Welcome in the heart of our communities

We’ve joined the campaign to create safe places for all.

Council has endorsed plans to develop a community Racism Not Welcome campaign.

Racism Not Welcome was launched by the Inner West Multicultural Network in response to the reported increase in racist attacks on people in the local community.

The group wanted to do more to fight racism - to make the inner west a safe and welcoming space for all and inspire other local governments and community groups to do the same.

Former Socceroos captain and human rights campaigner Craig Foster leads the Racism Not Welcome campaign

The program includes community activations, exhibitions and the installation of Racism Not Welcome street signs.

Former Socceroos captain and human rights campaigner Craig Foster is leading the campaign. He also volunteers at a local community centre.

Craig said the street sign campaign was devised to get to the heart of communities where racism lives as part of peoples’ everyday lives.

“Racism is not fought through our TVs or mobile phones. It’s eradicated in our daily lives, our actions, in every local street, café, park or library,” Craig said.

“The path ahead for every Australian council and for us as a country is to proclaim loudly, publicly and visibly that we’re united together as people against division, against discrimination on all grounds and, in this context, race.

“That 2020 saw a worrying rise in racism in Australia and around the world is not in dispute, and nor should our obligation and willingness to challenge racism in every way possible every day.

“We can start a movement that shows the world Australia rejects discrimination of all kinds."

The City of Sydney has committed funding of up to $10,000 for the campaign.

The backing of this initiative complements previous work to tackle racism. We’ve provided funding to two organisations, Democracy in Colour and Our Race for anti-racism to provide free community workshops.

The City of Sydney has taken a leading role in the NSW Anti-Racism Working Group, an initiative of the Local Government Multicultural Workers’ Network, and we are members of the Human Rights Commission’s ‘Racism. It Stops with Me Campaign’.

We value the contribution made by all people and believes this diversity strengthens our city. Read more about our programs and policies.

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