Sustainable living

See how a City grant can bring your green dreams to life

Our new interactive map showcases how enviro funding helps cut emissions, save money and create a greener city.

Desk Space grant

Our environmental performance grants provide support for businesses, residents and building owners to improve the performance of their buildings.

The grants help residents and businesses improve their own environmental performance, encourages innovation and environmental leadership, and helps address some of the barriers to launching green projects.

You can apply for a grant to help launch an environmental project in your building, or talk to us about our innovation funding to turn your great idea into reality.

Thanks to the new environmental grants platform, you can get inspiration from some great success stories, such as a residential apartment’s water efficiency project that helped an owner’s corporation cut its annual water bill by over $60,000 a year.

With 3 grant rounds a year, there’s plenty of opportunity for your business, not-for-profit, or owner’s corporation to apply.

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Published 4 February 2020, updated 23 July 2020