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Small business experts share tips for growth in turbulent times

Use a bit of downtime to upskill, sharpen your digital marketing expertise and learn from the best.

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From social media and podcasting, to email marketing and growing an online store, our Reboot webinar series provides practical tips from local experts.

Each event includes a workshop session with a business owner, discussing their current challenges and exploring potential solutions. Here’s a small selection of highlights from our 18-week series.

Google for growth

Learn how to better harness the power of Google, search engine optimisation, Analytics and Adwords to promote your business. This session includes a workshop with Sydney businesses covering how their websites could increase traffic and attract high quality customers.

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Creative tools for cut-through with Canva

Learn how Canva's creative do-it-yourself graphic design platform helps non-designers create beautiful social media graphics, posters and other marketing content with custom templates.

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Winning strategies for Facebook and Instagram

If you think you know the most effective strategies for Facebook and Instagram advertising, think again. Learn which tools to use, how to build community, target effectively, use Instagram stories and more to grow your business.

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Content marketing strategy with

Find out how to create content that stands out, gets shared and builds community. Hear how content marketing has changed since the pandemic, rethink your customer base and attract more traffic to your website.

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Tactics to grow your business fast – growth marketing

Find out how every business can harness the growth marketing tactics of fast-growing tech startups. This webinar looks at the 19 channels for customer acquisition and the approaches that companies like Brighte have used to grow quickly during the pandemic.

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Catch-up on the whole Reboot series. Learn about everything from digital channels and smart marketing tools, to business and financial strategy.

The Reboot webinar series was curated and facilitated by Rebekah Campbell, co-founder of Zambesi and produced by City of Sydney from October 2020 to June 2021. This is part of our work to help local businesses recover from the economic impact of Covid-19.

Published 20 July 2021, updated 29 February 2024