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Live, work or play in Sydney? Share your thoughts

Give us your feedback in our wellbeing survey so we can better support you.

Jacaranda trees in bloom across our local area at Tote Park (Zetland), November 2022. Photo: Chris Southwood / City of Sydney

We like to check-in with residents, workers and businesses about what it’s like to live, work or study in our area.

The anonymous wellbeing survey provides a snapshot of our diverse and ever-changing communities and how they connect, and how safe, healthy and happy they are.

The results help track community trends over time and shape future services, programs and spaces to best meet local neighbourhoods.

“Successful cities aren’t just economically strong, they’re also home to happy and healthy communities,” said Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore.

“This survey provides us with an in-depth picture of everyday life in our city and helps us understand how our communities evolve and how we can best support them.”

The City of Sydney wellbeing survey allows us to plan for our facilities, programs and services.
The City of Sydney wellbeing survey allows us to plan for our facilities, programs and services.

People from all backgrounds can take part in the online survey, which is accessible and available in Chinese, Thai, Indonesian and Korean, in addition to English.

The easiest way to complete it is online before the end of August.

Paper surveys are available at libraries, community centres and customer service centres. They can also be posted, by calling us on 02 9265 9333.

Tracking wellbeing over time

The last wellbeing survey in 2018 found almost 80% of residents were satisfied or very satisfied with life, and retirees and people aged over 70 were most content.

While over 80% of residents were happy with their standard of living, about half felt housing was too expensive in their neighbourhood.

Read more about the 2018 wellbeing survey.

Published 1 June 2023, updated 5 June 2023