Top 5 ways to dispose of your old tech

It’s easier than ever to recycle electronics.

While you’re gushing over your new phone or TV, spare a thought for your old tech.

From old mobiles to laptops and gaming consoles, there’s 5 simple ways to give them another life and you could even earn some cash along the way. Remember to delete your data first.

1. Rehome or sell online

If the item is still in working condition, you could find a new owner. Give it to a less tech-savvy friend or family member. Or if there are no takers, list it online free or for a price. Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, eBay and Freecycle are great options to rehome your goods. For a quick sale, do some research first to see how much similar products are selling for. Find more tips to sell your stuff online fast.

Recycle mobile phones, batteries and light bulbs at libraries and customer service centres

2. Recycling stations at libraries and customer service centres

You can drop off old mobile phones and accessories, such as chargers or earphones, at our recycling stations at libraries and customer service centres. You can bring batteries and light bulbs for recycling there too.

Recycle small electronics from your doorstep with RecycleSmart

3. Book a doorstep collection with RecycleSmart

If it’s small enough to fit into a reusable shopping bag, City of Sydney residents can book a doorstep recycling collection with RecycleSmart. Just pop it in a bag and it will be picked up from your doorstep or apartment lobby and recycled. Perfect for smaller items like kettles, mobile phones, game consoles and DVD players. They’ll also take clothes, coffee cups, soft plastics and more. It’s free if you subscribe for a monthly pick-up.

You can drop off e-waste and other items at Recycle It Saturday

4. Drop it off at Recycle It Saturday

If you prefer to get out and about to recycle, save your e-waste for Recycle It Saturday. These quarterly events are held at Alexandra Canal Depot. You can drop off more than just your broken electronics, we’ll take wearable clothes, polystyrene, large cardboard, soft plastics, x-ray scans and more.

City of Sydney residents can book a free pick-up for their old electronics

5. Book a free City of Sydney pick-up

If you live in the City of Sydney area, you can recycle your e-waste using our free weekly pick-up service. If it has a plug, power cord or battery, we’ll pick up your old tech and make sure it’s recycled. This is a great service for larger items like TVs, pedestal fans, microwaves and electronic toys. Make sure you remove any batteries first, as they can cause truck fires.

With so many easy and free options, it’s never been easier to recycle and keep these valuable materials out of landfill.

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