Doing business with us

Waiving fees to support businesses, community and culture in our city

New measures to benefit Sydney businesses and organisations on their path to recovery

Dear Saint Eloise

The City of Sydney is extending its support measures for small businesses, community and cultural organisations until March 2021.

This includes reducing rents for some City of Sydney tenants, waiving some fees and charges, and allowing greater flexibility for people and organisations with a City of Sydney grant.

These measures are part of our recovery plan to support artists and creative businesses to reactivate the city centre and surrounds.

With these new measures we will:

  • waive fees for health and building compliance activities
  • review rents in City of Sydney premises for tenants who require support
  • waive standard terms and return venue booking and banner fees to people and organisations who have booked City of Sydney venues and banners and may be unable to proceed
  • waive footway dining, market permit and filming fees on the grounds of hardship
  • waive all rent for our accommodation grant program tenants and childcare services
  • allow grant recipients to vary their deliverables so they can retain those funds, supporting our cultural and creative communities.

These measures are part of our recent community recovery plan. This plan places the cultural sector at the heart of our city’s economic recovery.

The plan follows the $72.5 million support package we released in April for small businesses, artists and others in the creative and community sectors impacted by the pandemic.

Published 22 September 2020, updated 14 February 2024