How you can help Sydney reach net zero

Switch to a 100% GreenPower electricity plan today.

Over the next few months, you’ll hear us talking about electricity a bit more than usual. We know electricity and local councils don’t typically go hand in hand, but it’s something we’re really passionate about. Here’s why.

  • We have a target of reaching net zero by 2035 for our local area. With more than half our area’s emissions coming from electricity – a massive 66% – we simply can’t get to net zero without making changes to how we power our homes and businesses. Urgently.

  • Many of you can’t install rooftop solar in your homes and businesses, at least not easily. Choosing an accredited 100% GreenPower electricity plan is the next best thing you can do right now.

  • Awareness and understanding of GreenPower is low, that’s why we’re spreading the word. 

  • Cutting through green wash can be difficult. To help you understand the difference between carbon neutral plans and GreenPower, and how to check if you’re on GreenPower, we’ve put together this simple guide.

Alice Gonnet rents in Erskineville. “I don’t have the power to stop coal mining. But I can choose GreenPower.” Photo credit: Aby Felman.

The best thing you can do for our planet today

Up to a whopping 46% of residential emissions come from electricity, according to a recent study. Switching to a GreenPower electricity plan is a simple way you can make a big difference. For many people, it’s the single thing they can do that has the biggest impact.

Driving less, eating less meat and recycling are great for the planet, but you need to be consistent and practice these actions every day.

You only need to switch to GreenPower once for it to have a long-lasting impact. And you can switch in as little as 10 minutes.

Clean Energy Council CEO Kane Thornton said switching to GreenPower was a great option for people who traditionally would be unable to source renewable electricity.

“Over 3 million Australian homes and small businesses have installed solar panels, but if this isn’t an option for you, purchasing GreenPower is an excellent alternative,” Thornton said.

“Most electricity retailers will offer you an option to buy certified GreenPower: look for the GreenPower logo. GreenPower is a government-managed scheme that allows households to purchase certified renewable energy through their electricity retailers. This ensures the retailer is purchasing electricity sourced from new renewable energy projects.

“When you choose GreenPower, you’re helping to drive Australia’s clean energy transition. The greater the demand, the more renewable energy is added to the grid, helping to support Australian jobs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

Locals onboard and helping spread the word

Guillaume and Matthew rent in Surry Hills, GreenPower customers. Photo credit: Aby Felman.

Surry Hills local Guillaume Papillon and his partner Matthew switched to GreenPower after the 2020 bushfires.

“I wanted to be more environmentally focused but, like many, I was often thinking that it only happens to others. Smelling the smoke and seeing the red skies over Sydney, along with the impact on our wildlife and community, made me think that it was my responsibility too,” Papillon said.

“Switching is easier than you think and it’s a nice feeling when you know you've selected GreenPower.” 

Star barista Nathan Amari, Single O cafe in Surry Hills

Single O cafe in Surry Hills switched to GreenPower last year after a business carbon audit. General manager Mike Brabant said they're aiming to get to net zero emissions and that GreenPower was an important step in the journey.

“During the Covid lockdown period last year we took the opportunity to work on our carbon emissions strategy,” Brabant said.

“Through the process of switching to GreenPower and looking at our electricity use, we discovered we were on the wrong plan. It was more suited to a smaller business model. We moved to a large market price contract for 3 years and saved a considerable amount of money with a sustainable alternative.” 

We need your help for Sydney to reach net zero

Can we be the first, urban local government area to be 100% renewable? Can we beat Copenhagen, Seoul, Adelaide and Munich to the gong?

Lord Mayor Clover Moore has been instrumental in pushing and supporting our local area to switch to energy from renewable sources.

“We know our residents want action on the environment and we know they want to do their bit – and the reality is switching to GreenPower is the single biggest and, probably easiest, thing you can do to help tackle the climate crisis,” the Lord Mayor said.

“The City of Sydney switched to 100% renewable electricity in June 2020 and has been certified carbon neutral since 2011. As we take the next step in combating the climate crisis, we’re urging our residents and businesses to also make the switch.

“By turning to a GreenPower electricity plan, you can help Australia shift away from fossil fuels and move the City of Sydney’s area towards its target of net zero by 2035.”

Where to get help  

Find out everything you need to know.

Tell us when you switch! And if you have any queries or feedback, email us at We’d like to help you.  

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