Give a sustainable gift this Valentine’s Day

Zero-waste gifts to impress that special someone – and nurture the planet

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is a reminder to tell those dearest to us how much we care.

But the 14 February celebration also has a bad reputation for being wasteful. This Valentine’s Day say ‘I love you’ without the waste. You’ll be doing the planet a favour too.

Single? Treat yourself. You deserve it!

Here are 3 waste-free gift ideas, for any time of the year.

1. Make memories together

Instead of stuffed teddy bears and love-heart balloons, gift your sweetheart – and yourself – with memories that last forever.

Rediscover the city together. Check our list of exciting new shows, exhibitions and activities. You’ll find more spaces to eat outside, music, art and shows for all. Plus these events all have Covid-safe measures in place. Make it a date or treat yourself.

Get creative! Book your loved one a drawing, pottery or dance class they’ll enjoy. Better yet, do one together and dazzle them with your dance moves.

Or channel your inner Shakespeare and write them a poem, love letter or card. It’s something they can treasure forever.

Pick a fun activity to do with your partner

2. Stay in and cook up a feast

Surprise your other half with their favourite home cooked meal. Join Love Food Sydney and get a free e-cookbook filled with recipes sure to impress. You’ll also get tips on saving money and avoiding food waste.

You can’t go wrong with chocolate for dessert – it’s a Valentine’s Day staple. Try to avoid plastic packaging if you can and choose chocolates wrapped in foil. You can scrunch foil into a tennis ball size and recycle it in your yellow-lid bin.

Save the soft plastics packaging leftover from cooking. Soft plastics can be recycled when you book a power pick-up with RecycleSmart. Use the code LOVE for a free pick-up. Or drop off soft plastics to REDcycle bins at your local supermarket.

Dinner for 2, anyone?

3. Flowers without the waste

Flowers can brighten someone’s day, but don’t leave your loved ones with all the waste. The plastic wrapping and cellophane around cut flowers will outlive the flowers themselves and add to Australia’s growing waste problem.

Instead, ask your local florist to wrap flowers in paper that you can recycle in your yellow-lid bin. Better yet, avoid the wrapping altogether and find a vase for the flowers to go in. Every time your valentine sees it, they’ll think of you.

If you do have cellophane wrapping, book a power pick-up with RecycleSmart. Use code LOVE for a free pick-up. Or take them to REDcycle bins at your local supermarket. Cut down large sheets to A3 size before you drop them off.

Wilted flower and houseplant cuttings can go in your green-lid garden organics bin where they’ll be recycled into mulch. Residents can order one free.

Houseplants make perfect, zero-waste gifts. Like love, they’re long-lasting and with proper care they’ll continue to grow.

At the end of the day, words and actions mean more than gifts. Give those dearest to you a call or write them a note. Not only will it make their day, but yours too.

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