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All paws aboard for Surry Hills pet day

September's Northcott Pet Day was all about looking after the city’s 4-legged friends – and their owners.

  • Julieanne Ellaby and Sweetheart

    “Someone told me about the City of Sydney event today. I got Sweetheart’s vaccinations and nails clipped. Everyone wants to pat her because she has a cute face and it’s really hard when I have to tell people ‘no’. I live alone. She’s been with me since before I needed a hip replacement. She’s my companion. We do everything together – we eat together, we sleep together.”

  • Marc Clarke and Choo Choo

    “Choo Choo’s 11 now. I worry a lot. We were homeless for five years and couldn't get a place because he was my companion animal. We got into a boarding house and they were charging me $200 a week and $100 for him. It's hard, mate. I owe a lot to the RSPCA. He had cancer a couple of years ago and Anne-Marie the vet, she did it all. She only charged me for the anaesthetic and let me pay it off. If your dog's sick and you need a couple of thousand dollars it breaks your heart. It's good these people do what they do.”

  • Ali Grace and Maggie

    “I have a lot of friends here and Maggie does as well. I get all my vet stuff done here. They have really good programs that let us have vaccinations and microchips done so it’s really great.”

  • Sarah Bell holding Missy

    “You get A1 service here for someone who’s on a pension. Especially for people with mental health issues around here, you need a companion. Missy is shy when we’re out – she doesn't move out of my arms. It’s great for the vets because they’re learning from this experience too.”

  • Rebecca Brooks and Blacky

    “I came here to get him microchipped. These days are good. It helps those who can't help do things for themselves.”

  • Ahmed Haji and (Chocolate) Bear

    “Bear’s an old dog and he has arthritis so I came for peace of mind and knowing what is going on. I can't afford to go to the vet all the time but I go when I really need to go. When things are tough it’s good to come here for reassurance and comfort just to know what is going on.”

  • Andrew Gibson with Aurora

    “I brought my dogs here to get vaccinated and have a general checkup. I have another one at home that has heart issues at the moment so he can't come down, it’s too much for him and he’s on lots of medication.”