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Sydney on the move for Yes

Thousands of people marched in support of the Voice to Parliament

  • Thousands flocked to Redfern Park on Sunday

    Underneath Redfern Park’s palm trees, people gathered to show their support for the Voice to Parliament.

    Credit: Maja Baska/City of Sydney
  • People from across the state

    The good vibes started earlier in the day with people from across NSW attending the march in Redfern.

    Pictured: a group from the Blue Mountains taking the train down to show their support.

    Credit: Maja Baska/City of Sydney
  • Politicians across the spectrum support the Yes Vote

    We saw representatives from Liberal, Labor, the Greens and Independents take the stage. Among them were Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore AO and many of our councillors, Minister for the Environment and Water Tanya Plibersek, NSW Premier Chris Minns, Independent MP Alex Greenwich, Liberal MP Jacqui Munro and Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

    “In the words of Noel Pearson, ‘It falls to our generation to unite the 3 stories of Australia: our ageless Indigenous heritage, our esteemed British institutions and our glorious multicultural unity',” the Lord Mayor said.

    Credit: Maja Baska/City of Sydney
  • What is this referendum about?

    This referendum is a request directly from Indigenous Australians that has been decades in the making, and is supported by more than 80% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

    The Voice doesn’t make new laws, control funding, or sit in the houses of Parliament – it simply provides informed advice to government on issues that affect Indigenous Australians.

    It’s all about respecting and listening to the oldest continuous culture in the world.

    Credit: Maja Baska/City of Sydney
  • Off they go!

    The heat and the enthusiasm was high as everyone made their way along Chalmers and Cleveland streets to Victoria Park. Residents waved from balconies as the procession went past.

    Volunteers gave out water and sunscreen to keep everyone safe.

    Credit: Nick Langley/City of Sydney
  • All signs point to yes

    The best part of any march is the signs and this one did not disappoint. Hundreds of people brought their own hand made signs. From pieces of cardboard and fabric emblazoned with Yes to placards with arguments for the Voice.

    Credit: Maja Baska/City of Sydney
  • Thousands packed out Victoria Park

    The crowd passed a smoking ceremony at the entrance to the park and settled down on the shaded lawns to hear from Rachel Perkins as well as musicians Dan Sultan and Missy Higgins.

    Credit: Maja Baska/City of Sydney
  • Positivity moving forward

    The feeling around the march was clear - we're doing this for future generations.

    Rachel Perkins spoke about how she’s seen 5 different advisory bodies established and disbanded in her lifetime due to politics. This referendum would change that and make sure the Voice to Parliament is around to help guide our leaders when matters concerning Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples arise.

    This October, Australia has the chance to make a positive, lasting change.

    Credit: Maja Baska/City of Sydney