Sydney: a history of cycling through the decades

We look in the archives to explore how Sydney developed a love for cycling from the 19th century onwards.

In the past year, bike trips at peak times have increased by over 18% across the City of Sydney local area.

And since 2022, we’ve opened new separated cycleways on the following streets:

  • Waterloo: Crystal, Potter and Gadigal streets
  • Erskineville: Macdonald Street, Henderson Road, Railway Parade and Bridge Street. Plus, Ashmore and Harley streets and Mitchell and Huntley streets.
  • City centre: King Street (between Pitt and Phillip), Pitt Street and College Street. Zetland: Portman Street and Zetland Avenue
  • Annandale: Booth Street

Interested in getting on a bike? Check out our program of free cycling courses. They’re designed to give you extra cycling skills and confidence.

Discover more images and information on Sydney's cycling past in our archives.

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