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Dragons of Sydney

11 people born in the Year of the Dragon share what being a dragon, and Lunar New Year, means to them

  • Yaya - Water Dragon, 2012

    "I feel many traits of the dragon inside me. I feel enthusiastic, strong and brave.

    "My family comes into Chinatown to see the street dances, the performances and all the artwork.

    "It makes me feel really happy and excited seeing lots of people laughing, cheering and celebrating this festival."

    Credit: Yaya
  • Yonny, Geoffrey and Tom - a family of Dragons

    Tom: "I grew up in Hong Kong, and let's say the attitude there was always work, work, work. So Lunar New Year is one of the few times when I really get to hang out with my cousins.

    Geoffrey: "I was born into a very poor family, and Lunar New Year was when I would look forward to new clothes, maybe new shoes.

    "I remember my mother and father would stay up very late, sometimes all night, preparing the New Year dinner for the family."

    Yonny: "Like a lot of wood dragons, I have the characteristic of being a bit quiet, but still confident, and I'm always willing to take risks."

  • Kareece - Earth Dragon, 1988

    "I've always had a fascination with dragons - their power, their intelligence.

    "I'm born in the year of the Earth Dragon, a sign that is known to be confident, charismatic, creative and lucky as well.

    "I'm half Chinese on my dad's side, and growing up we always celebrated Lunar New Year with lanterns, cakes and of course the ang pao, the red envelope with money inside, from my grandma."

  • Seit Wing Yun - Earth Dragon, 1928

    "Lunar New Year is all about the reunion of friends and relatives at the same location, to celebrate and catch up over the new year's spirit.

    "For the Year of the Dragon ahead, for the world I wish for peace and prosperity for everyone."

  • Steffi - Earth Dragon, 1988

    "Celebrating Lunar New Year is very important in our family. My parents are in Indonesia, so we'll visit them or they'll visit us - it's that togetherness that's really important, and maintaining those traditions.

    "Dragons are confident, brave and innately courageous. We're persistent, which can probably be translated into stubbornness as well!"

  • Patsy - Fire Dragon, 1976

    "Dragons are known to be very lucky, and I've always believed that. When I look back at all the tough times throughout my life, things have eventually ended up in a very fortunate situation for me.

    "I was separated from my mother for 8 years during the Cambodian civil war, and was reunited with her at 11. I believe being born in the Year of the Dragon, with the good fortune it's said to bring, is what has transported me here today, writing my own journey and living the good life that I have."

  • Lucy - Earth Dragon, 1988

    "Lunar New Year is a strong family tradition for us. We usually come into the city to see the lanterns, the lion dancing, and of course have a New Year's banquet.

    "Sydney is such a diverse place and I love to see people from so many backgrounds come out to celebrate. It's also home to such a range of Asian cultures, and Lunar New Year is when we see all the Asian cultures coming together to celebrate as one."

  • Tayla - Water Dragon, 2012

    "The dragon represents power, wisdom and strength. It also symbolises good luck, fortune and prosperity. I hope that being born in the Year of the Dragon will bring me success in life.

    "Lunar New Year is all about celebrating your culture, through traditions like the lion dance, and the dragon dancing as well."

  • Joy - Wood Dragon, 1964

    "Being a dragon, to me, means being independent, energetic, sometimes quick tempered, but fair and generous.

    "Lunar New Year is all about the family reunion for me, we go out, eat at Chinese restaurant."