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In pictures: Light the City riders in a night of light and entertainment

For 1 night only, Mrs Macquaries Road was closed to cars and open for people to walk or ride.

  • Aideen

    Aideen is preparing for the Gong Ride and loves riding with her son.

    “We ride everywhere together, sometimes on this bike or sometimes he’ll ride his little bike alongside me. I think it’s a great way to teach kids to be responsible and to have a little freedom at a young age.”

  • Lucy and Ivy

    Lucy and Ivy came to Light the City with their scooters.

    “This is our first time here. We love scooting around in the breeze, and enjoy seeing how fast we can go! It’s pretty here.”

  • Sergeant Brett

    Sergeant Brett (right) said going by bike is the best way to beat the traffic.

    “I’m always on a bike, it is the healthiest and fastest way to get around the city. We have lots of police who patrol by bike in the city because it is the easiest way to get around.”

  • Baboe

    Baboe is 8 years old. His dad, Vijay, built him this bike trailer when he was just a puppy. They’ve been riding around Sydney together ever since. Baboe loves going out by bike. Whenever his dad says “bicycle!” he jumps straight in to his trailer and is ready to go.

  • Dance Central

    As the sun set across Mrs Macquaries Point, creepy dancers from Dance Central Sydney came out to surprise and delight the crowds. They walked the route and performed to Thriller.

  • Big lights

    People were free to explore the illuminations at their leisure, with the big bike light installation proving to be a hit with selfie takers.

  • Outdoor lounge

    The outdoor lounge at Mrs Macquaries Point was busy all evening, with food trucks, face painting, roller racing, Instagram printers and a silent disco.

  • Ewan

    Ewan had walked the course and was enjoying silent disco and harbour views.

    “I’ve loved hanging out with the kids and seeing all the city lights. We’ve had a great time together getting outside. It really feels like summer is coming!”

  • Phil

    Phil, from the Hunter Valley, brought his hand-built penny farthing to the city just for Light the City.

    “It’s wonderful to see all the children having fun and getting on their bikes. I recently retired and am riding about 100km a week on an ordinary bike, and it’s just a great way to stay active. Every year you spend on your bike is another year added to your life.”

  • Karen and friend

    Karen and her friend had dressed up for the occasion.

    “We’ve come here from way out west. It is so great to come in to the city with our bikes and see it like this. We use e-bikes to ride to work – it definitely beats having to look for parking every day.”

  • Closing event for Sydney Rides Festival

    Light the City was the closing event of the Sydney Rides Festival, a month-long celebration of exploring the city and getting back on the bike. See you next year!

Light the City took place on Saturday 27 October 2018.

Published 30 October 2018

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