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In pictures: New artwork brings light and life to laneways

Inspired by Sydney icons, ‘In Through the Out Door’ by Callum Morton transforms humble fire exits

  • From liminal to lush

    Two gritty inner-city laneways have been given an unexpected transformation with the installation of our newest public artwork.

    Callum Morton's In Through the Out Door sees 3 fire exits in Market Row and Mullins Street tiled in intricate patterns and lush colours.

    The addition of these intricate, vibrant tiled works elevates the laneways from transitory spaces to something extraordinary, a place to find unexpected delight.

    Credit: Chris Southwood, City of Sydney
  • Can you pick the inspirations behind the work?

    “Each door is specifically designed using a range of patterns I collected as I moved through the city, collapsed and reassembled as a new design,” Morton said.

    Each of the doorway’s tiled patterns are inspired by landmarks familiar to Sydneysiders. Those familiar with Sol LeWitt's foyer mural in Australia Square may spot a colourful tip of the hat in this doorway.

    Other references include the geometric shapes of the tiles of the Sydney Opera House and the beaming rays of the famous Luna Park entrance.

    Credit: Phoebe Pratt, City of Sydney
  • A nod to a nearby neighbour

    With its tiles in shade of lichen greens, creams and rusty browns, there’s no mistaking this work’s reference to the tiled floors of the QVB barely a stone’s throw away across York Street.

    Credit: Phoebe Pratt, City of Sydney
  • Callum Morton ducks in

    Braving an autumn rainstorm, the artist takes shelter within his own creation.

    Credit: Chris Southwood, City of Sydney
  • Not just a laneway

    Alleys are sometimes overlooked, even avoided, but they’re essential. They allow businesses to operate, provide access to the guts of our city’s infrastructure and offer a place of refuge for people seeking a break and sometimes a place of shelter for rough sleepers.

    Credit: Will Jones, City of Sydney

Colourful, tiled artworks inspired by Sydney icons now frame three fire exits in central city laneways, following the installation of In Through the Out Door by artist Callum Morton.

“In Through the Out Door reimagines fire exits as grander entrances and creates a dialogue between different patterns in the city recontextualised in these laneways,” Morton said.

In Through the Out Door is a permanent artwork. Come see it for yourself in Mullins Street and Market Row, in the city centre.

Published 22 May 2024