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In pictures: Raising the Bar 2021

Leading Sydney visionaries, entrepreneurs and thought leaders gave talks on trends, innovations and cutting-edge ideas that are shaping our future on 28 April.

  • Anne Ascharsobi

    Anne Ascharsobi, director of social and environmental impact at Xero at the Strawberry Hills Hotel.

    Hear her talk about getting businesses to do more good on the Raising the Bar podcast.

    Credit: Anna Kucera
  • Supporting venues along the light rail route

    Raising the Bar – light rail edition was hosted at 10 Sydney cultural venues, bars and local pubs including Dove & Olive in Surry Hills.

    Kylie Charlton, managing director of Australian Impact Investments, gave insights on the many faces of growth. And Shaun Eislers, founder and CEO at Buggy Bix, captured the audience with his talk on fur, flies and the future of food.

    Credit: Anna Kucera
  • Alyse Sue

    Alyse Sue, co-founder of Transhumanism Australia speaking to a captive audience at Bancho. Tune in to hear her talk on our transhuman future and pose the question: Is it time for humans to upgrade ourselves?

    Credit: Anna Kucera
  • Bruce Isaacs

    The University of Sydney’s associate professor in film studies, Bruce Isaacs talked about Hollywood making and breaking culture and captured the minds and imaginations at PS40.

    Credit: Anna Kucera
  • Nicc Johnson

    Nicc Johnson, founder and chief musicologist at Music Health continued the conversation at Stitch Bar, sharing how the right music at the right time can save your life.

    Credit: Anna Kucera

Raising the Bar – Light Rail Edition is part of a series of initiatives and events by the City of Sydney to support small businesses along the light rail route.

Hear all of these talks and more on the Raising the Bar podcast.

Published 13 May 2021, updated 27 March 2024